The most delicious junk food in 24 different countries. Part 2

Junk food

At the moment, people are deteriorating their health more and more. Ask - how? And we will tell you - unhealthy diet. Nowadays, more and more people eat something or other. Do you want to know what kind of food this is?

And here:

  • Fast food
  • Crackers and chips
  • Sodas and juices
  • Sausage products and canned food
  • Noodles (instant puree)
  • Alcohol

Fast food. The beauty of fast food is that it takes a minimum amount of time to prepare, and the price does not hit your wallet hard.
I placed an order, quickly ate a hot dog or burger and ran about my business. And, as luck would have it, it’s also so delicious. You've probably noticed that after eating fast food, your stomach becomes full and it seems as if you won't be able to fit in any other food today. But after 1-2 hours the feeling of hunger returns. This is explained by the fact that there is nothing healthy and nutritious in fast food that would saturate the body with energy. In return, you receive a dose of fast carbohydrates, which sharply increases blood glucose levels. It contains an addictive substance. There are also substances that cause various diseases, for example diabetes mellitus.

Chips and crackers. We may not even notice how many chips or crackers we consume. We often buy such food for an evening watching our favorite TV series or going to the cinema, so we don’t perceive it as a separate meal. In fact, it can't even be called food.

Eating chips or crackers is the same as filling your body with garbage. There is not a drop of healthy or natural content in such products. They contain a flavor enhancer, as well as starch, cholesterol and flavorings. If you don’t want to get gastritis, ulcers or stomach cancer, try to enjoy cinematic masterpieces without chips and crackers.

Sodas and juices. They contain huge amounts of sugar. Soda - this mixture of chemistry and gases is completely incapable of quenching thirst, but it remarkably enhances it. The high content of phosphoric acid, which is responsible for the distribution of calcium in bone tissue, has a harmful effect.

And in such large quantities as in carbonated drinks, it removes calcium from the body. This is especially harmful for children and adolescents, whose skeleton is just being formed, and therefore requires saturation with calcium, and not vice versa, its removal from the body. The so-called non-alcoholic energy drinks are especially harmful in this regard.

Sausage products and canned food. Even the most natural sausages, frankfurters and wieners are made mainly from pork skins and lard, and therefore contain a lot of fat. These products contain: dyes, flavors, preservatives, flavor enhancers - all this does not bring any benefit, but there is plenty of harm. This is what excessive consumption of these products can lead to: gastrointestinal diseases, allergies, blurred vision and even cancer. Smoked meats provoke an increase in cholesterol, disrupt the functioning of the cardiovascular system, and harm the pancreas.

Instant noodles and mashed potatoes. Advertisements for these products promise that in 3-5 minutes of brewing with boiling water we will get a full meal with a side dish and meat filling. In fact, we get only a set of the most harmful food additives and virtually no calories. Here is an incomplete list: gastrointestinal diseases, kidney and liver diseases, cancer, liver destruction, nervous disorders, damage to brain tissue, etc.

Alcohol. The harm of alcohol is obvious to everyone. Alcoholic drinks cause addiction, which is difficult to get rid of. Alcohol interferes with the absorption of vitamins, and it is also very high in calories. Drinking alcohol leads to cirrhosis of the liver, genetic mutations, degenerative disorders, cancer, depression, mental disorders and other problems.

Beware: homemade food!

Nowadays there is a lot of talk about the dangers of eating out. It’s dangerous to eat on the go, snack on all sorts of “hot dogs” and other small things sold in stalls, under no circumstances should you go to fast food restaurants, and in regular restaurants you can also save your health, let’s not even talk about canteens and ordinary cafes have to... What remains? Only homemade food. It turns out that it is precisely when we eat at home that we eat right? No matter how it is! Here are the TOP most dangerous cases of eating at home.

Morning sandwich. Confidently takes first place, because according to statistics, the day of most Russians begins with it. What's in it? A slice of thick white bread, butter and sausage or cheese. No matter how you look at it, it is a very harmful product, especially if you use it regularly. Almost the daily norm of animal fats (that is, cholesterol and low-density lipoproteins) flavored with fast carbohydrates and seasoned with nitrates. This is a real “bomb” for the pancreas! This is how we wished “good morning” to our body. And that’s true - why babysit him?

Borsch. This is sacred! Of course...however, how do you cook it? I suppose according to all the rules: a larger piece of meat on the bone, frying it in vegetable oil, and when serving, pour plenty of sour cream on it or make a rub out of lard and garlic? Are you drooling? Pick it up. This borscht is a concentrate of cholesterol , low-density lipoproteins and carcinogens. The pancreas and gallbladder are likely to respond quickly. But carcinogens can “recoup” on your grandchildren.

Fried potatoes. In lard, with cracklings and onions... mmm! It’s not even worth talking about the dangers of animal fats But fried lard is an unsurpassed leader in the destruction of pancreatic cells. And no amount of healthy onions will save them. Let us remind you about the carcinogenic effect of overheated oil. Do you still want fried potatoes?

Fried cutlets. The more meat you eat, the less you live. And if this meat is fried, the lifespan is shortened even faster. What if it’s not meat, but cutlets? Homemade, with bread, eggs, potatoes and onions? Nutritionists are horrified by a dish called “Fried Cutlets.” Fast carbohydrates, two types of animal protein and overheated fat. They may be tasty, but they will never be useful. If you want cutlets, steam them or bake them. This way they will become at least twice as useful...

Meat. Homemade food in the understanding of many is meat. The first dish contains meat and the second too, but more, more. Yes, fry. And so every day, no, three times a day! And let cholesterol go off scale, and the amount of saturated animal fats cannot be counted. The main thing is that we eat at home. And homemade food can't be harmful!

Milk. We consider it a drink. There is even such a term as “drinking milk”. However, from the point of view of nutritionists, milk is not a drink. This is a complete food of animal origin. There are consumption standards: an adult who does not suffer from diseases of the digestive tract can consume no more than 100 grams of milk per day. And even less for children. And you constantly say to your child: “Drink milk, you will be stronger.” Will not be. You will develop allergies, immunodeficiency, eczema and dermatitis... but it’s hard for you to believe it. Milk is good for you! Healthy? Who told you about this? Read serious nutritionists, discover the sad truth.

Butter. It is an animal fat that adds flavor to food. Porridge tastes better with butter, and so does any other dish. However, the standards for cow butter consumption are strict - no more than 5 grams per day. Do you think you are eating it in smaller quantities? Make no mistake: oil is included in many products, and you eat much more of it per day.

Food for the night. Any. At night, the body should rest, and not process what you ate on the way from the bathroom (where you brushed your teeth before bed (!)) to the bedroom. By doing this you are simply wearing out your digestive system.

And this is day after day... It is not surprising that the harm from improper home-cooked food is comparable to the consequences of smoking and drinking alcohol. Only, unlike the latter, the effect is not directed directly to the brain, but indirectly. And the result is the same - premature death.

How can you make homemade food stop being harmful?

Let's remember how our ancestors ate. Most often they ate plant foods. Since that time, the saying “Soup soup and porridge is our food” has been preserved. They ate meat not often and not a lot. Milk and butter too. The basis of nutrition was cereals, peas, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and berries. The dishes were prepared in a Russian oven and simmered. There was no talk of any quick frying. You need to take the best to feed your family. Get a slow cooker and a double boiler, love cooking in pots and in the oven. Eliminate white bread, reduce the amount of sweets you eat. Forget milk. And gradually you will also forget about illness, heaviness in the stomach, laziness and depression. Your health is in your hands. Or rather, on your plates!

Main conclusions

The feeling of fullness is influenced by lifestyle and nutrition. The more we eat healthy foods, the healthier we feel. The main component of the diet is cereals, vegetables and fruits, sources of protein: meat, fish and legumes. You shouldn’t completely give up fast food and try to completely eliminate it from your diet, but you need to make it healthy. For example, don’t go to a burger shop for a portion of quick pleasure, but buy the necessary ingredients, replace the sweet bun with grain bread, take deli meat, add vegetables, homemade sauce and make a really healthy burger and enjoy it. Or periodically allow yourself such weaknesses and not try to completely control your diet. Maintain balance and moderation in everything.

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