I’m sharing the most secret - Coffee body scrub against stretch marks and cellulite

1.Coffee scrub benefits

With constant use, a coffee scrub for cellulite will significantly improve the condition of your skin. How is such a cosmetic product useful?

  • Improves blood microcirculation
  • Promotes the breakdown of subcutaneous fat
  • Accelerates intracellular metabolism
  • Helps remove harmful substances from the skin
  • Increases elasticity and tone
  • Restores cellular respiration
  • Softens and rejuvenates the skin
  • Promotes cell renewal and regeneration

2.Secrets of application and application

  • We must apply it from the bottom up, so the lift effect will be more noticeable. By helping the blood flow from bottom to top, you further increase blood flow.
  • No more than 2 times a week. Although there are reviews and evidence of effective use every day. Dermatologists constantly remind us that the skin needs time to recover. Therefore, look solely at your feelings and reactions.
  • It is necessary to use the scrub before other cosmetic procedures, ointments, lotions, and depilation.
  • For greater effect of the product, the skin must first be steamed.
  • Necessarily! Only on damp skin. Please take this into account. Applying coffee scrub for cellulite to dry skin is strictly prohibited! Yes, and basically to no avail.
  • To enhance the effect, you can use a soft brush or washcloth. Thanks to this, peeling will be more effective.
  • Apply the product using massaging circular movements, and not just in a straight line. This will make it easier to remove dead particles, and the beneficial substances will penetrate deeper.
  • Since coffee scrub obviously contains caffeine, it invigorates and tones the skin. Therefore, to ensure a restful and good sleep, use the product a couple of hours before bedtime.

Why it's worth a try

Of course, at any time you can use the services of beauty salons or purchase a ready-made scrub in the store. But these are, firstly, expenses. And secondly, the risks. After all, the skin does not always tolerate professional procedures well, and in order to finally choose a suitable store-bought tube, you often have to experiment for a long time.

In the case of coffee cosmetics, everything is different. In fact, there are no additional costs: in the morning you drank a drink, and in the evening you created a powerful scrub from the grounds remaining in the Turk. Just cover the container with the grounds - this will preserve the maximum beneficial properties. Yes, the effect is not the same as that of laser peeling. But, according to reviews, a coffee face scrub is also a very worthy and at the same time gentle, delicate cleansing option.

Tannins, enzymes, and fatty acids that make up coffee give the product the ability to influence metabolic processes in tissues and literally “polish” the integument. Therefore, aromatic grains are used not only in the manufacture of cosmetics for the face, but also for the body - in order to combat cellulite.


  • Please note that before using any of the following products, it is necessary to test for sensitivity to components and allergic reaction. To do this, apply a small amount of the product to the area of ​​skin near the elbow and evaluate the skin's response within 10-20 minutes. Since there are hard particles, you need to apply it to the skin moistened with water using the same massaging movements.
  • Do not apply to irritated or damaged skin.
  • Do not use before sunbathing. Because scrub removes the protective layer of the skin, and it will not be able to effectively resist ultraviolet radiation
  • Not immediately after depilation. Also because the skin has not restored its protective functions.
  • The product must be fresh! If we are talking about the fact that you prepare cosmetics at home, without preservatives from natural ingredients, it can be used immediately after production and within 7-10 days when stored in the refrigerator. If you are going to store the product, you need to wipe the inside of the storage container with an alcohol wipe before filling it.

Coffee peeling recipes: a spa procedure accessible to everyone

If you don’t want to waste your time preparing complex products with a large number of ingredients, you can simply apply fresh grounds to the skin of your face and body, massage and then rinse with cool water. However, this will make it difficult for you to distribute it evenly. The simplest and most convenient way is to add grounds to shower gels or lotions and cleansers. Thanks to the thick foam, you can apply the scrub in an even layer without damaging your skin. But still, “express peeling” will not be as effective as multi-component products. Different ingredients, when combined with coffee and with each other, can have additional effects depending on their natural properties.

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The scrub evens out the surface of the skin and enhances the effect of subsequent procedures. Natural caffeine and theobromine from coffee accelerate the removal of fat from fat cells. Relic salt provides effective drainage of excess fluid. Garcinia Cambogia extract prevents the synthesis of new fat.

4.How to make a coffee scrub for cellulite

How to make a coffee scrub specifically for cellulite? The first thing to do is decide on the basis. It can be made from ground coffee or coffee grounds . What is the difference?

It's just that ground coffee has harder and coarser particles. This foundation is suitable if you want maximum stimulation of blood circulation, maximum invigoration and revitalization of the skin.

Coffee grounds, i.e. cooked beans or cake from a coffee machine, softer and more tender compared to the previous base. The cake will have a calmer effect while the scrub effect will remain. This foundation is recommended for delicate and sensitive skin. If you mix it with coarse sea salt, the invigorating effect will be the same as that of ground coffee.

Therefore, choose a foundation that suits your skin, its preferences and your goals. Don't forget to test for allergies.

Once you have decided on the base, you need to select additional components. To do this, check out the recipes below. But in general, the preparation scheme is as follows:

  • Let's take the basis
  • Add dry ingredients
  • Adding liquid ingredients
  • Mix well
  • Apply with massaging movements, using a brush/loofah for 5-10 minutes. Wash off with plain water, or you can also use a sponge/brush/washcloth.

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Coffee scrub: reviews after use ↑

Reviews about the coffee body scrub are the most flattering. Many ladies like this procedure not only for the opportunity to carry it out at home without leaving anywhere, but, of course, for the wonderful cosmetic effect.

The skin feels rested, refreshed, and with regular use, tone returns and elasticity increases.

Of course, a coffee scrub will not get rid of stretch marks or cellulite without complex therapy, but if you use it regularly in combination with other methods of dealing with these troubles, the result will not be long in coming!

But even with such a seemingly guaranteed safe and natural remedy as a coffee scrub, difficulties can arise.


The coffee scrub recipe is quite simple. Below we have collected more than 20 recipes for every taste and for every skin type. So choose for yourself!

5.1 With olive oil

  • Coffee(1/2 cup)
  • Coarse salt (1/2 cup)
  • Olive oil (1/4 cup)

Salt can be sea or rock. You can mix the solids first and then add the oil. The composition scrubs the skin well, the oil nourishes and moisturizes.

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5.2 With cinnamon

  • Ground cinnamon – 0.5 tsp.
  • Coffee cake – 2 tbsp.
  • Olive oil – 2 tbsp.
  • Sugar – 0.5 tsp.
  • Salt – 0.5 tsp.

Excellent composition for renewing and nourishing the skin. Mix everything and can be used immediately.

5.3 Coffee body scrub for cellulite with coconut oil

  • ground coffee - 3 tbsp.
  • coconut oil – 6 tbsp.
  • sea ​​salt – 3 tbsp.
  • brown sugar – 3 tbsp.

You can also grind salt and sugar in a coffee grinder to create particles of the desired size. This coffee scrub for cellulite is a powerful remedy. Coconut oil must be melted in a water bath or in the microwave.

5.4 Coffee and honey body scrub

  • Ground coffee – 1/4 cup
  • Honey – 6 tbsp.
  • Sugar – 3 tbsp.

If the honey is candied, it can be heated in a water bath. This scrub will help stimulate your skin, remove dead particles and invigorate.

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5.5 The simplest

  • Ground coffee – 1/2 cup
  • Coarse salt (sea/rock) – 1/2 cup
  • Mineral water – 1/4 cup

Here it is more advantageous to first mix the solid ingredients, then add water. The solution must be fresh.

5.6 Gentle body scrub for cellulite

  • ground coffee or grounds – 1/2 cup
  • yogurt – 1/2 cup

Mix everything and you can use it. Don't forget to steam your skin first.

5.7 With shower gel

  • Ground coffee – 1/2 cup
  • Your shower gel – 1/2 cup

By mixing coffee with shower gel, you get a convenient and effective remedy against cellulite.

5.8 Hot coffee scrub for cellulite

  • Grounds – 1 cup
  • Pepper tincture – 1/4 cup
  • Olive oil – 3 tbsp.

This recipe requires more time. Fill the thicket with tincture, place it in a dark place and wait for at least 12 hours. Then add oil and mix well. Apply this coffee cellulite scrub with caution and rub it into your skin for no more than 10 minutes. Then you need to thoroughly rinse the mixture with warm water. If during the procedure you experience a burning sensation or other unpleasant sensations, wash it off without hesitation. At the same time, the product accelerates blood flow well and helps enrich the skin with oxygen.

5.9 With hot pepper

  • Ground coffee – 1/4 cup
  • Water or shower gel – 2 tbsp.
  • Fresh hot pepper medium size – 1 pc.

Grind the pepper with a blender or finely chop and mash with a masher to release as much juice as possible. Add the remaining components and you are ready to use. It is important that when using this product there are no wounds, scratches or cracks on the skin. Also be careful with the pepper and don't rub your eyes while cooking.

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5.10 Fragrant with oatmeal

  • Oatmeal – 1/2 cup
  • Ground coffee – 1/4 cup
  • Sea salt – 2 tsp.
  • 5-6 drops orange essential oil
  • 5 drops rosemary essential oil
  • 5 drops cinnamon essential oil

Pour the oatmeal with hot, but not boiling, water. Wait 15 minutes. Add coffee, salt and essential oils, mix everything and use. Make sure the product is not hot before applying.

5.11 Coffee grounds scrub for cellulite with clay

  • Black clay – 1/4 cup
  • Coffee grounds – 1/4 cup

Dilute the clay with water, approximately in a ratio of 1:1 to the consistency of sour cream, add coffee. Everything is good to move.

5.12 With coconut flakes

  • ground coffee – 1/4 cup
  • coconut flakes - 1/4 cup
  • coconut oil 1/4 cup
  • essential oil – up to 20 drops

Coconut oil may be hard, in which case it needs to be melted. Once mixed, this coffee cellulite scrub is ready to use immediately.

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5.13 Berry

  • Coffee – 1/2 cup
  • Fresh raspberries – 1/2 cup

Mash the berries with a masher, add coffee. Raspberry seeds have quite delicate edges and to achieve a greater effect it is better to use ground coffee. You can also add 20 drops of any essential oil for deeper penetration of beneficial products.

5.14 With honey

  • Coffee – 1/4 cup
  • Honey – 6 tbsp.
  • Water – 3-4 tbsp.

Liquid honey is required. First mix coffee and honey, add a little water if the mixture is too thick. What to use, ground coffee or grounds, decide for yourself based on your skin preferences. It is also important to check whether you are allergic to honey when applied externally.

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5.15 Scrub from coffee beans for cellulite with zest

  • Coffee grounds – 1/4 cup
  • Zest of 1 orange
  • Shower gel – 1/4 cup

Grind the zest in a coffee grinder, add coffee and shower gel. You can also add essential oil.

5.16 With bran

  • Coffee – 1/4 cup
  • Oat bran – 1/4 cup
  • Cream – 1/8 cup
  • Honey – 1/8 cup

You can do without honey in this recipe, then the amount of cream must be doubled.

5.17 With almonds

  • Handful of almonds
  • Coffee – 1/4 cup
  • Olive oil – 1/4 cup
  • Black pepper essential oil – 20 drops

Almonds must be ground in a coffee grinder. Olive oil can be replaced with honey.

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5.18 With soda

  • Coffee – 1/4 cup
  • Soda – 1/4 cup

Mix these ingredients and apply to damp skin, applying water if necessary, avoiding scrubbing dry skin. After use, it is necessary to moisturize the skin with lotion or body milk.

5.19 With sand

  • Coffee cake/grounds – 1/4 cup
  • River sand – 1/8 cup
  • Shower gel – 1/8 cup

Start massaging in circular motions, adding water if necessary. You can also use a brush or washcloth. Coffee scrub for cellulite with sand is quite specific, but at the same time shows high efficiency!

5.20 With mustard

  • Dry mustard – 4 tbsp.
  • Ground coffee – 4 tbsp.

We dilute the mustard with water to the consistency of sour cream. This is approximately 1:1. Add coffee, the scrub is ready!

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5.21 With rice

  • Rice – 4 tbsp.
  • Coffee grounds – 4 tbsp.
  • Kefir – 4 tbsp.

Grind the rice in a coffee grinder, not quite into dust, but quite finely. Add kefir and coffee and mix.

5.22 With cognac

  • Coffee grounds – 1/4 cup
  • Cognac – 2-3 tbsp.
  • Essential oil – 10 drops

Add cognac to the cooled grounds and leave for a couple of hours. Then add essential oil and you can use it. Remember to only apply the scrub to damp skin.

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5.23 Coffee scrub for cellulite with algae

  • Dry crushed seaweed - 4 tbsp.
  • Coffee – 4 tbsp.
  • Salt – 4 tbsp.
  • Olive oil – 4 tbsp.

Mix everything and apply in circular movements.

5.24 With chocolate

  • Dark chocolate – 1/4 bar
  • Coffee cake/grounds – 6 tbsp.

Melt the chocolate in a water bath, add coffee to it. Mix well. You can also add olive oil, coconut oil or any other oil to this composition. At the same time, increase the amount of coffee slightly so that the consistency is convenient for application.

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Getting your body in order

You can use coffee grounds not only for facial scrubs, but also to normalize the skin of the entire body. Making a coffee body scrub is also very simple, and you can get an excellent effect from it.

The easiest option will be achieved when you took a bath and steamed your skin well. This is where you can scrub with the remnants of sleeping coffee, and it’s good to walk through those places that may peel. You can rinse off the product with plain water and apply a softening lotion or cream to the skin. It can be noted that this is how many girls save themselves from ingrown hair on their legs. Soft, velvety and silky skin is ensured, and hairs grow in the right direction and do not cause discomfort. This coffee scrub gets only positive reviews, but many girls insist that store-bought products have a better effect. We note that before using the scrub you need to clearly know what result you are aiming for. And based on this, select all the necessary components.

A fairly simple body scrub recipe is a recipe with sea salt. Here you need to take coffee grounds and fine sea salt in equal proportions. You can add 10-15 ml of essential oil here. It is best to use olive oil. Scrubbing is carried out for 5 minutes on all areas of the skin, and after it it is necessary to rinse off the product with water and shower gel.

Coffee body scrub will be an excellent antioxidant and will also help disperse blood and lymph in the body. It is important to take into account the fact that various beauty salons may offer an alternative to this procedure. But the cost of such care will not be cheap.

Coffee grounds scrub can also give a great glow to the skin of the body and face, which is why it is often used as a tanning product. But here it is necessary to use the product very carefully so as not to harm the skin and not make its color lighter or darker in certain places.

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