Video exercises for girls - watch here! Review of the best video lessons for beginners

Recently, there has been a continuing trend towards leading a healthy lifestyle and playing sports.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to purchase a gym membership. That is why home training would be an ideal option for them. These can be classes according to specially designed programs or video lessons with fitness or yoga.

The advantage of video exercises

The most undeniable advantage is significant savings in money. When working out at home, you can choose comfortable clothes from what you have and not buy a special suit for fitness. Save on travel costs - you don’t need to go anywhere, your gym is already at home.

The second advantage is the ability to choose any video of exercises for different muscles.

Today on the video market there are quite a lot of classes with various trainers. Classes are selected depending on the level of preparation.

By studying at home, you significantly save time resources. This is especially true for large cities, and also if the hall is located far from your place of residence.

There is also no need to adapt to the group during group classes.

Training with video exercises is an ideal option for those who are in poor physical shape and who are embarrassed by the fact that they are not yet able to perform various exercises perfectly.

So, the advantages of video training include:

  • You don't need to go anywhere.
  • Sportswear should simply be convenient and comfortable.
  • You can plan your day depending on how busy you are at work.
  • Significant money savings.

Workout 3

Ab crunches

As in the first workout, 15 repetitions in 3 approaches.


Same as workouts 1 and 2.

Sumo squats with dumbbells

Hips, buttocks, and long back muscles

The movement is mistakenly considered a squat, but in fact it is a deadlift. You need to take the dumbbell in straight, outstretched arms, place your feet on the most comfortable wide stance, and lower your pelvis below your knees, touching the floor with the dumbbell; from this position, place your back at a slightly angle so that your arms are straight and perpendicular to the floor. By straightening your knees and hip joints, you need to fully straighten, returning your spine to a vertical position.

Bent-over barbell row

Back muscles work

The barbell is taken from the racks, the height is at mid-thigh level. Step back and bend forward so that the angle is approximately 45 degrees. Further, the movement resembles the work in all back exercises - the shoulder blades are pulled towards the spine, the barbell is brought to the lower abdomen, then the reverse movement.

Army press

The barbell is taken from the racks to the chest, the grip is slightly wider than the shoulders. Forearms are perpendicular to the floor. The barbell is pressed up behind the head and lowered to the starting position.

Romanian deadlift

The movement is also called the “Romanian thrust”. The barbell is lifted from the racks, as in a bent-over row, but the movement itself resembles a deadlift. Due to flexion at the hip joint, the bar lowers to a comfortable depth and then returns back.

Leg abduction in crossover

An effective exercise for pumping up the buttocks.

Turn your face to the exercise machine, put a special belt on your leg and attach it to the lower block. Take your leg back and return it back.

Disadvantages of video training

Unfortunately, at home no one will be able to control the correctness of certain exercises. This may result in injury.

There may not always be enough space at home to perform some exercises.

There is also no additional motivation provided by the coach. There are a lot of distractions at home: phone calls, unexpected guests, the whims of children and the presence of a TV. All these factors can distract you from playing sports.

At home, only training with dumbbells, possibly a barbell, and on a mat is available. Not everyone can afford to purchase large exercise equipment.

To briefly summarize the disadvantages, we can highlight the most important factors:

  • Acquiring injury due to lack of control over compliance with exercise technique.
  • Distractions (TV, family, guests, etc.).
  • Lack of professional help.
  • Lack of motivation.

Workout 1

Ab crunches

Exercise for the rectus abdominis muscle

The exercise is performed from the starting position lying on the floor, the heels are spaced from the buttocks at a distance of 10-12 cm, the feet are literally pressed into the floor. You need to exhale to bring the lower ribs to the pelvic bones and return to the starting position.

Do 3 approaches 15-20 times. Over time, you can add weights - a dumbbell behind your head.


Long back muscles, hamstrings, buttocks

The starting position is taken face down in the hyperextension machine. The body goes down, the spine is perpendicular to the floor. With exhalation - full extension of the torso, with inhalation - lowering down.

Perform 10-20 repetitions in three approaches; over time, you can increase the load by picking up a barbell plate and placing it behind your head.

Classic squat (barbell on back)

Works the buttocks, thigh muscles and center of the body

The barbell is taken from racks located at the level of the athlete’s collarbones. The bar lies just below the upper trapezius muscles so that the back can remain tense. The grip on the bar is tight; there is no need to bend your wrists back. As you exhale, the barbell is removed from the racks using extension at the knee joints, a step back is performed and the legs are spread to the sides. Next, the pelvis goes down with an exhalation, and the knees move to the sides and bend. The optimal depth of lowering of the pelvis is the one at which the back remains straight and there is no rounding in the lumbar region. You need to stand up with an exhalation, resting your entire foot on the floor.

If your heels come off during a squat, you need to pay attention to the width of your feet, pick up weights on the platform, and stretch your ankle joints. If the main problem is bringing your knees inward, you should work in a narrower stance.

Squatting training begins with calf extension in a machine, then a squat without weights, a goblet squat with an apparatus on the chest, work in a Smith machine, and finally a barbell. The goal of mastering this chain is to develop mobility of the knee, ankle and hip joints, as well as strengthen the muscles.

Block pull to the chest

Back muscles work

Starting position – sitting on a machine bench with your feet fully resting on the floor. Then, while exhaling, you need to begin to pull the shoulder blades towards each other and towards the spine, and by contracting the back muscles, bring the handle of the exercise machine to the chest, and then return it to its original position.

It is important not to start with your biceps, by bending your arms at the elbow.

Hip raises with barbell

Works the buttocks and hamstrings

You need to sit next to the bench, place your shoulder blades on it, and rest your feet on the floor. Then you should lift your buttocks off the floor and get into the “spine parallel to the floor” position. At the same time, the shoulder blades should not “ride” forward along the bench. You can hold the weight with your hands. Beginners sometimes learn this movement without a barbell before starting to use it. If placing the bar on your hips is not comfortable, you need to wrap it with a special pad, or use fitness mats.

Bench press

An assistant delivers the barbell from the racks to avoid injury. Even if it is a 20 kg bar, insurance is still required. The movement begins by tightening the shoulder blades and “pressing” the pelvis into the bench, then the assistant lifts the barbell onto straight, outstretched arms, with a grip slightly wider than the shoulders. Lower the barbell to the chest, in the solar plexus area, until it touches the body and the bar. The forearms are positioned at an angle of 45 degrees to the body. The barbell is pressed out in one powerful movement.

After completing all repetitions, an assistant helps return the bar to the racks. To avoid shoulder injury, you should not press on a “flat” back; your shoulder blades should remain pressed, not your lower back.

Standing Dumbbell Flyes

This is a shoulder exercise. You need to stand up straight, slightly bend your elbows, lean forward slightly, and abduct your forearms to the sides. As soon as the forearm reaches parallel level with the floor, the movement stops and the dumbbells smoothly return to their original position.

How to choose the right set of video exercises

In life, it takes a lot of effort on yourself to get the body of your dreams. For those who do not have the opportunity to regularly visit the gym with qualified assistance from a trainer.

To choose the right set of exercises, you should consider the following:

Be sure to take into account your preparation and calculate your strength. For your first lessons, choose the exercise system that you can handle. For example, you can take a video of exercises with dumbbells for girls with minimal training.

Don't forget to stretch before and after exercise. This will minimize injury to your muscles.

Choose a complex with activities that target the whole body.

All workouts must be performed regularly. The optimal training option is twice a week.

It is very important to remember that muscle mass in girls is distributed in a different way than in men. Women have a fairly powerful lower half of the body - the pelvis and legs. Therefore, you can easily find videos of buttock exercises for girls on the market.

During training in the gym, the coach keeps a diary where he writes down absolutely all the training and nutrition of the ward. While practicing at home, it is also recommended to keep a diary where you can record all changes in nutrition, training and volume.

Fitness exercise

Exercising for weight loss at home includes several movements, each of which is aimed at working one part of the body.

Approximate charging program:

  1. Preparing the body for stress. Movement – ​​walking in place for 1 minute. Rotate your head and arms – 6-7 times.
  2. Movements of the arms to the right and left using dumbbells weighing from 0.5 kg. The back must be straightened, and the arms, when extended, must be parallel to the floor. It is important to tense your muscles. Repeat the exercise at least 10 times in each direction.
  3. Buttock raises while lying on the floor. The muscles of the buttocks, back and partly the abs are worked out. You need to inhale and raise your lower body, remaining in this position for 3-5 seconds. For weighting, use a dumbbell or a bottle of water, but this is not necessary.
  4. Lying leg raises. Both legs are lifted off the floor to a height of approximately 30-35 cm and, holding for a few seconds, are lowered to the floor. Number of repetitions – up to 30 times.

  5. Plank. You need to lie on the floor and rest your hands on the floor with your elbows bent. The abs and buttocks are tensed and held in this position for at least 1 minute. The back should be straight. After a few days, you can increase the time to 2-3 minutes.
  6. Lunges. It is advisable to do this exercise with dumbbells. Take a step forward and squat so that the thigh takes a position parallel to the floor surface. Then you return to the starting position and lunge onto the other leg. Repeat – 10 times.

The second option for anti-calorie fitness exercises:

ExerciseExecution RuleTime in s.
Knee RaiseAlternately raise one leg, bent at the knee, as high as possible20
Plank "Frog"Stand in a plank position - rest your hands on the floor, stretch your legs back. When changing position, “pull yourself together” and squat down. 20
Plank with knee liftStarting position – plank. The legs are spread shoulder-width apart and they begin to pull first the left and then the right knee towards the stomach. 20
Jumping with leg bendsJumping as high as possible, bend both legs. Arms should be straight and straight 20
Squat JumpsDo deep squats with jumping while taking a vertical position. Hands held behind head 20

After 2 weeks of regular training, you can notice changes. Vigor, good mood appears, and weight decreases, provided that the correct diet is followed.

Video for the hall

Having purchased a gym membership and not being able to pay for the services of a trainer, you can use a video of gym exercises for girls. Trainers recommend starting your workouts in the gym with exercises for the whole body.

It is recommended to visit the gym two to three times a week. Each lesson should last at least an hour. Don't forget to start your workout by stretching all your muscles.

Differences between women's training programs

Weight loss and fat reduction

Non-professionals love to talk about the fact that there are no fat-burning workouts, there is only a calorie deficit from nutrition. In fact, “metabolic” or fat-burning workouts do exist. It’s just that most gym goers can withstand about two minutes of such training. The only “fat-burning workout” is the circuit, which consists of compound exercises with a barbell weighing approximately 70 percent of your one-rep maximum. The movements are performed in series of 30-40 seconds without rest, “circles” can be done only 4-5. Such training increases the body's oxygen consumption at rest and speeds up metabolism. And it doesn't practice for beginners.

Regular gym goers must first learn how to do basic exercises and control body position, and only then manipulate oxygen consumption using circuit training. At the start, the classic scheme “2 cardio workouts per week and 3 strength training” is suitable. The plan could be like this:

    Perform strength training on all muscle groups three times a week. Divide the exercises into planes, or work on the principle of “squat and press day” and “deadlift and vertical press day.” Beginners can do the same set of exercises in the gym, the important thing here is the frequency and technique, and not the “super-new” exercise plan and their alternation; Do cardio 2 times a week. Non-professionals like to include here circuit training with your own body weight, or working on cardio equipment, but for a beginner the first type of activity is more likely to be strength training than cardio. Therefore, those who have been working out for less than six months should understand cardio as either walking, jogging, pedaling a bicycle, or all the same, only in exercise machines. The usual recommendation to “do 20 minutes of cardio on free days” is also not enough for everyone. Here we should focus on the textbook half an hour of physical activity a day, which is recommended by the WHO to keep us healthy; Set-repeated schemes “for weight loss” should provide a large volume of training activity. To put it simply, the weight of the burden is less. More approaches. Optimally – 4-5 sets of 6-12 repetitions of each exercise with good technique. Do you need circular ones? No, if a person does not have the strength to carry them out, or lacks physical fitness; Nutrition must meet two requirements - balance, that is, a sufficient amount of fats and proteins with a reduced amount of carbohydrates, and a focus on creating an energy deficit. To calculate your diet, use the Fat Secret or any other application.

Training program for gaining muscle mass

“Wishlists” like “make a nut” or “toned legs and athletic shoulders” are nothing more than gaining muscle mass. It sounds creepy for the average person, but the girl has little chance of turning into the Hulk. Even if you remove cardio training, and do weight training in a strength mode, and eat protein, the result will be just an athletic, toned body, and not a monster mass figure.

What to do:

Train in the gym every other day, no more often; Review your diet - at least 3-4 g of carbohydrates per kilo of body weight, and 2 g of protein. If the gastrointestinal tract cannot cope, take enzymes. But you will have to eat, muscles will not grow out of thin air; Approaches and repetitions may be different. If a girl cannot gain muscle in any way, working in the usual “bodybuilding” mode of 8-12 repetitions, she is shown low-repetition strength training, in the mode of 4-6 repetitions in 5-6 approaches. For everyone else, the standard 5 approaches, two of which are warm-up.

Workouts for tone

The entire practice of sports denies this direction. Trainers say you can't just "ton up your muscles" without doing some strength training. An entire marketing industry is parasitic on this category of women - selling 20-minute workouts without weights, some strange pants, and fitness classes that look like an entertainment program for a kindergartener. Body-toning workouts are usually referred to as strength training for those who have excess fat but are not overweight. The so-called “skinny fat” should do both cardio and strength training:

3 strength training sessions a week will help pump up your muscles and get rid of sagging; 15-20 minutes of cardio cool-down at the end of the strength workout will increase calorie consumption; About 1.8 g of protein per 1 kg of body weight and 3 g of carbohydrates will be enough. Don't forget about fats - you need to eat at least 1 g per day for the sake of women's hormonal health.

Any health problems are a reason to consult a doctor, and the presence of spinal curvature, injuries, joint pain is a reason to find a qualified trainer. Lack of sports experience is also a reason to contact a coach. A few personal training sessions will be useful if the last physical education lesson took place at school, but there is more than enough energy and enthusiasm.

Sample lesson program

Day #1:

  • You can warm up your muscles by running in place, rotating your body, or jumping rope.
  • Exercise on an exercise bike.
  • Push-ups – just do 15 times.
  • Abdominal strengthening exercises – 3 sets of 10 reps.
  • Deadlift with a barbell.
  • Dumbbells are moved to the sides - three sets of 12 times.
  • Bench press – three sets of 12 reps.
  • The barbell can be used for squats. Three sets of 10 times.
  • Don't forget about stretching your muscles. Rest.

Day #2:

  • Start your session by jogging in place for 10 minutes.
  • Press – lift your legs up and hold them. Repeat three times 12 times.
  • Dumbbell flyes – three times, 10 times each.
  • Bench push-ups – 15 times.
  • Squat with a barbell – 12 times, three sets.
  • In a lying position, you need to do dumbbell presses. Three times 12 times.

The exercises end with a short stretch for all muscles.

Thanks to the facilitated exercises that are presented in the program for beginners, it will be much easier for beginner women to accustom themselves to working on their body.

However, it is worth remembering that any introductory course will take at least eight weeks to complete. After successfully completing the introductory course, you can safely move on to the next stage.

After long sessions, you can begin to improve your figure. The next stage involves increasing the number of workouts to three per week. You should add a day off between classes to allow muscle recovery.

In the enhanced program, the first day is aimed at working on the buttocks, abs and other muscles.

Initially, the training should begin with a warm-up on a skipping rope or running in place:

  • For crunches, you can use an incline bench. Next, you should include Romanian deadlifts in your training.
  • Don't forget about squats and lunges. Emphasis on elbows with leg raises and leg presses.
  • Day two will help strengthen your back muscles. All exercises must be repeated 15 times.
  • Row on the horizontal bar.
  • Pull the lower block to the belt. Performed in a sitting position.
  • Pull the upper block behind your back.
  • Dumbbell row to the waist. Performed in a slightly bent position.
  • Run in place. Can be replaced with a small stretch.

General rules for strength training

Power must be orderly. You can’t just come to the gym and randomly run around the machines, calling it a “circuit”.

    Strength training begins not with a joint warm-up, but with light generalized cardio. We translate - from walking in a stepper, ellipse or pedaling an exercise bike. You only need to exercise for 5 minutes to achieve light sweating, then move on to joint warm-up. The joints are kneaded in the anatomical plane - that is, the elbows and knees are bent and unbent, the wrists and ankles, as well as the shoulders and hips are gently rotated. 9 flexions-extensions or rotations in each joint are enough. You also need to gently rotate your head without throwing it up.

You need to start doing strength exercises with warm-up weights. This is a mandatory rule - they usually start with 40-50 percent of the planned working weight, and add 5-10 kg in leg exercises, and 2.5 kg in upper exercises.

Warm-up is required not only in movements with a barbell, but also in exercises for the back, arms, and even the abs. You need to start pumping it with a smaller amplitude, gradually increasing it.

It is important to rest between exercises according to a timer; those losing weight rest for no more than a minute, everyone else – 90-120 seconds. If the goal of training is to develop strength, you can rest for a longer period of time, depending on how you feel. The program below is suitable for any purpose; it is optimal to use those working weights that a girl can lift with good technique. Remember that for most, the success of a training program will be determined not so much by what the program itself provides, but by compliance with nutritional rules.

Lesson results

If you follow all the recommendations correctly, you can see the result after two months of regular training.

Remember that over time the body will be able to adapt to the load. Due to the fact that it gets used to working, progress may stop.

Professional athletes recommend changing the training system once a quarter. In this case, it is necessary to gradually increase the load and weight.

Some exercises can be replaced with their analogues. This will reduce the addictive effect.

It is recommended to keep a diary to track your results. If a plateau effect is achieved, it is necessary to either increase the weight or the number of repetitions.

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